Alvena And Dua Derma: A Expert Camera Lenses Kit

Alvena And Dua Derma is a hard and fast of three high designated performance camera lenses that attached over your telephone to create one-of-a-kind visible outcomes and image improvements. It comes with set that consists of 3 lenses, first is fish lens, 2nd macro lens and 0.33 is huge perspective lens. All of those lenses will assures you that you are capturing certain photographing like DSLR. All of lenses have its own importance and known for his or her exceptional working capabilities. You just need to connect these lenses for your phone after which your mobile will capable shoot best shots.

Benefits Of Alvena And Dua Derma

  • It can shoot at focal length.
  • It is a scratch-resistance aspheric lens.
  • It capture like HD and precise image.
  • It maintains you suit and lively.
  • It has 20x optical zoom.
  • It has 180 diploma area of view with fish eye lens.
  • It cans 100% car focuses at time of capturing.
  • It is straightforward to hold.

How It Works?

This is integrate set of three enhance camera lenses and for the use of these lenses you just have to connect your phone with these lenses then you definately end up able to capture the precise pictures. That clip latches over both aspects of your telephone. It will paintings on all makes and models however, each mobiles has its very own body sizes, so it become range to differ.

  • Which sorts of lenses are include this?
  • Macro lens for distinct Focus.
  • Fisheye lens for taking the panorama pictures.
  • Wide-angle lens for big sized shots.

Where we purchase this product?

If you also like this camera lenses and want to shop for it, then you can region an order for this at only on our legitimate internet site. Then, we will deliver it to your door steps quickly.

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