A Device That Can Minimize Your Pain

These are called sound waves, or ultrasonic waves which are waves of high frequency and are not easy to hear by the human ear are generated by way of mechanical vibration caused within the treatment head about the ultrasound machine. This metal treatment head is made to move over the skin surface about the area where the injury is caused passing the energy onto the tissues.

As soon as sound waves get in touch with air, there is caused dissipation of the waves. Therefore a gel is rubbed into the area called ultrasound gel on the skin in order to make sure maximum contact in between the surface of the skin and the metal treatment head and create a medium which can facilitate easy travelling of the sound waves through it. Ultrasound therapy machines manufacturers make devices that are of good quality and conduct waves with accuracy in the given medium. The application of ultrasound waves is also possible under water that serves as a medium in favour of ultrasound waves to pass through.

Therapeutic ultrasound

It is till date under dispute the effects of ultrasound are effective in therapeutic use. It is yet to be evidenced by any substantial proof and explain in detail how these ultrasound waves are causing a therapeutic effect within any injured tissue. However, the doctors all over the world continue to utilize this kind of treatment modality going by personal experience that they have gained in their clinics without any sufficient scientific evidence. Here are enlisted some of the theories that are believed to show a therapeutic effect of ultrasound.

Thermal effect:

When ultrasound waves travel from the metal treatment head into the area of the skin by which in the surrounding tissues is caused vibration especially in those that have collagen. As the vibration gets increased, there is the production of heat caused in the tissues. The patients are not able to feel it in some cases by themselves. With the rise in temperature, there is caused extensibility of some structures for example tendons, ligaments, fibrous joint capsules, and scar tissue. Moreover, it is noted that heating can be said to assist in minimizing pain and reduce muscle spasm and boost the process of healing. To benefit from its use, you must buy one as ultrasound therapy unit price in India is reasonable.

Inflammatory and repair processes

The experts propose that the ultrasound therapy is useful in reducing the time of healing in the case of some of the injuries of the soft tissue. It is said to speed up the usual resolution time in the case of the inflammatory process as it causes extra mast cells to get attracted to the area of injury. It may give rise to increase of flow of blood which is said to be useful during the subacute phase in the injury of tissue. It is not advised to utilize ultrasound straightway after injury as there is an increase in the flow of blood in the use of ultrasound.

It is also considered to increase the production of extra collagen that is the core protein constituent within soft tissue for instance ligament and tendons. For this reason, ultrasound may speed up the proliferation phase about the healing of tissue. Ultrasound is said to progress the extensibility of mature collagen and therefore is thought to deal a positive effect in the case of the fibrous scar tissue that can come into being following an injury.


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