The Tibetan Cuisine Has More Than Momos

Tibetan Cuisine Has More Than Momos
The Qinghai-Tibet plateau has a pretty inhospitable environment because of its average altitude which is above 4000 meters. Thus these extreme conditions force the people living there or the Tibetans develop a very unique style of diet which is mainly based on the major resources available there. The Tibetan cuisine is largely influenced by...

Tips for Beginners to Conquer Thai Cuisine

Tips for Beginners to Conquer Thai Cuisine
Thai food is one of most sought after international cuisine owing to its rich profusion of exotic flavour from the aromatic herbs and spices. The uniqueness of this cuisine lies in its use of fresh, simple ingredients in quick and easy cooking styles which makes it really healthy and tasty at the same time....

Some Evergreen Chicken Recipes

Some Evergreen Chicken Recipes
A large number of cuisines exist around the world, which are rich in scrumptious chicken recipes. Chicken is loaded with selenium (it is a chemical known for its anti-cancer properties). Though a huge number of chicken recipes are there in various cuisines, underneath is an example of some of such most popular, evergreen, and...
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