Some Evergreen Chicken Recipes

A large number of cuisines exist around the world, which are rich in scrumptious chicken recipes. Chicken is loaded with selenium (it is a chemical known for its anti-cancer properties). Though a huge number of chicken recipes are there in various cuisines, underneath is an example of some of such most popular, evergreen, and all-time favourite chicken dishes.

Chilli Chicken: It is a world famous chicken preparation and can be made in two ways – dry and gravy restaurant style. This evergreen Indo-Chinese preparation is heavily served as a starter or appetizer. Chilli Chicken is prepared with boneless chicken cubes or fillets and soya sauce is used for its marination. If you are health conscious, then shallow frying can be the appropriate option to prepare this comforting dish. Vegetarian variations of this recipe utilize paneer, potato, mushroom, and tofu.

Indo-Chinese Szechuan Chicken: It is a simple recipe that utilizes formerly prepared Indo-Chinese Szechuan Sauce. This sauce can be prepared ahead as well as stored in the refrigerator for the future utilization. You can serve Szechuan Chicken in a form of an appetizer and in that case, you need to exclude the gravy part. It can also be served as the main course with noodles or fried rice.

Sweet and Sour Chicken Recipe: The evergreen Sweet and Sour Chicken preparation is not a deep-fried dish, however, it utilizes a technique for making a smooth, delicate, and succulent chicken that makes a perfect combination with a sweet and sour sauce.

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The secret of this scrumptious recipe is in its marination, specifically in the utilization of corn starch and egg white that makes a super-light coating on all sides of the chicken. It will not be a deep-fried and crunchy coating; however, it’s a great alternative both weight-wise and texture-wise. The warm, sweet, and spicy flavors have made it a classic dish.

Beggar’s Chicken: As per the tradition, Chinese chefs enfold the chicken using lotus leaves, sear it in clay as well as baked it for certain period. These leaves provide a special type of aroma to the chicken and clay seals all the juices and flavours in the chicken. You can alternatively prepare this recipe without the usage of lotus leaves or clay.

Chicken Manchurian: Manchurian is a heavily popular Indo Chinese recipe that was made only with chicken in its initial days. However, lots of vegetarian alternatives have come up so far, such as veg manchurian, gobi manchurian, mushroom manchurian, and paneer manchurian. Chicken manchurian has different versions and one of the common ones is utilizing chicken cubes. Chicken Manchurian recipe shares common procedures just like the chilli chicken. You can serve this chicken delicacy in a form of an appetizer or as an accompaniment to hakka noodles or fried rice or simple veg noodles.

Chilli Chicken or other classic chicken recipes are not at all difficult to prepare if you follow the correct steps according to their recipes. To know more about different chicken recipes, you need to search different food websites. Now, just make these delicacies at home and treat yourself and your family with a tasty surprise.


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