Taking Care of Baby Fat

There are two types of preventive health care system one is at the pre-pregnancy phase and another in the later stage. In both the phases the factors which are taken care of include taking care of the post delivery  extra weight, countering fatigue, follow the right kind of diet, medication if applicable and exercises. The inevitable sleep disorder due to attention to the bay can be encountered by fixing time of breast feeding, limiting consumption of tea, cola type drink and coffee.

The right time for exercises

After the particular pregnancy period the most common issue is the extra or the baby fat which become a real concern for the mothers. Now this particular issue has earned such importance that number of television programs are telecasted in this regard. Now the doctors suggest that the various exercises including walking cannot be commenced before the expiry of two weeks after the baby is born. Taking deep breath is another way to lose a bit of weight because when the baby is still in the womb it is not possible to do that. Now caring for the baby is not that an easy task and it may involve some lifting activities. For this purpose the doctors suggest some light exercises including pushups and squats as part of the routine.

Type of diet

It is very essential to plan the diet smartly so that it is advisable to avoid chemically loaded foods completely. The diet component proportion should consist of almost one third of protein. Now you will find that in any post pregnancy magazine in hindi it is categorically mentioned to skip the regular calorie count tendencies. In this respect various counseling sessions proves to be quite useful. The calcium intake should not exceed the maximum limit when considered on daily basis. Now the mothers should have dairy products with low fat for another reason too because it is useful in the case of breast feeding. The various suggested and practiced workout helps in strengthening the abdominal muscle and full grains should be consumed.

The post pregnancy issues                                           

Now the strain of labor and consequently sleepless nights to attend the baby leaves mother really fatigued. Now in relation to Post Pregnancy Tips in Hindi the way out in this regard is regular food intake, exercises and taking interim rests. The post pregnancy abdominal muscle or other cramps can be taken care of with the help some medications.Vagianl bleeding is another issue for some women in this period, in case of complications the doctors should be consulted immediately. The mothers should be quite particular with respect to the workout schedules of arm, shoulder and back portions. Now during pregnancy a woman’s body processes more blood and other fluids and that cause inflammation of hands, neck ankle and other parts of the body. In this regard foods which are potassium rich must be consumed like fruits and vegetables.

The solution of the common problem

The most common problem in the post pregnancy period is that the belly undergoes the most types of changes compared to other body parts. Here doctors suggest performing of various abdominal exercises.


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