Tips for Beginners to Conquer Thai Cuisine

Thai food is one of most sought after international cuisine owing to its rich profusion of exotic flavour from the aromatic herbs and spices. The uniqueness of this cuisine lies in its use of fresh, simple ingredients in quick and easy cooking styles which makes it really healthy and tasty at the same time. A rare combination indeed!

Although you can find a Thai food joint in every second corner of your city, nothing can beat the wholesomeness and taste of home cooked food. In case the thought of cooking a whole new cuisine is a little too intimidating for you, then it’s time to drop all your worries. We are here with a few fail proof tips to help you jump start your journey of stirring up some lip smacking Thai dishes at your own kitchen.

  1. Get the right Ingredients

Good quality ingredients work as the backbone of any cuisine, especially, Thai cuisine which is heavily dependent on fresh ingredients. Luckily if you are in India, you can get your hands on these ingredients very easily from your super market. You need to stock up on basic the basic ingredients which are used in most of the dishes like sesame oil, palm sugar, tamarind, fish sauce, galangal, basil, limes and coconut. It is wise to read up a few Thai food recipes in Hindi so you know the names of the ingredients in Hindi which will help you communicate with your local vendors better. You can also make yourself a little herb garden for the freshest herbs without the harmful pesticides. Also, try to make you coconut milk and cream from scratch using fresh grated coconuts. Remember, the fresher the better so avoid as much of frozen and packaged ingredients as possible

  1. Use the correct Equipments

Luckily enough, most Indian kitchens have a sash of the basic equipment required to make any Thai dish. You will need your good old stone mortar and pestle preferably large, a coconut grater and an iron or perforated carbon steel wok. The key is to have a wok that can hold high temperature for your perfect stir fries.

  1. Find the right Balance

Try to achieve balance in taste, Thai food is all about it. It is all about having different textures and tastes like sweet, sour and hot. Not all the elements need to be fitted into one dish. Think of the whole course and play around it.

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Try to keep a crunchy, fresh salad, a hot and creamy soup with a sweet and salty stir fry offset by the subtle sweetness of rice. Keep tasting to find the right balance with the seasoning too.

  1. Get the technique Right

One of the best things about Thai cooking is its super quick. Contrary to our cooking styles where we simmer our food over a long period of time loosing a lot of nutrients, Thai cooking is all about quickening it up by using very high heat to cook the food fast which seals in all the flavour and nutrients. So try to be as fast as possible, it will come to you easily once you start.

  1. Start Easy

 When you are a beginner try to find recipes which are easy to make. You can find a ton of Thai recipes in Hindi, English or your mother tongue online for better understanding. Look for recipes which are beginner’s friendly like an easy salad, stir fry or curry.


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