Hip Replacement Surgery

One of the major surgical procedures that are conducted upon patients is Total hip replacement. The patient on the surgery day is removed of the usual clothes and has to wear the hospital gown. Then he/she gets administered with spinal block or general anesthesia to avoid unwanted experiences of discomfort or pain during the surgical procedure.

What is done during the surgery?

During total hip replacement surgical process, the qualified surgeon at the leading Hip Replacement hospital n India creates an incision over the patient’s side or front hip portion. The diseased or damaged bone along with the cartilage is removed, thus leaving intact the healthy bones. Then, prosthetic socket is implanted in the pelvic bone. Then the femur’s round top gets replaced with prosthetic ball. It is attached to the stem to fit into thigh bone. After completion of the surgery, the patient gets placed in the recovery room to be monitored by the surgeon closely for any complications and blood clots.

Blood clots

There are very high chances of the patient developing blood clots within his leg region. Through early mobilization, blood thinning medications and pressure application, the treatment team will discourage blood clotting build-up.

At home

The patient and his/her family are provided with the necessary information and suggestions to carry out at home after being discharged. The right care is of great importance for the new implanted joint. The physical therapist can help the patient to perform some types of exercises.

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This is to enhance the flexibility of the hip region. Also it will be necessary to make sure that a great amount of pressure is not placed on the joint. Things are to be kept at the waist level. This way, there is no need to bend down. There are to be made some modifications like using a raised toilet seat. This can help to recover quickly and to reduce all types of complications.


To ensure speedy recovery, there is a genuine need to follow the instructions provided by the experienced surgeon at the Hip Replacement surgery hospital in India. The different follow-up sessions stated by the physician should not be missed out. During such sessions, the patient will be monitored to check the progress made after the surgery and if any complications are found or not.

For the patient to resume his/her regular activities, it will take around couple of weeks. Again, the recovery period is likely to be different for different patients. But the physician is to be visited without any delay if any unusual or sudden pain, discomfort or bleeding is experienced.

Moreover, total hip replacement surgical procedure is considered to be an expensive one. Hence, the patient has to gain sufficient knowledge of the total expenses to be involved along with medication in advance. Checking with the insurance company can also help if the procedure is covered or not.

Since it is an important procedure, it will be necessary to consult only the best hospitals in the domain that has specialized in the specific surgery and treatment.


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