It’s a fairly basic truth that a little bit of laziness can hurt an exercise routine. However, this shouldn’t sound as insulting or problematic as it often can. Every now and then we just feel lazy, and even people who are in a habit of working out regularly just don’t want to get the blood flowing. Sometimes it’s best to just push through these feelings and kick your body into gear. But there are also occasions for “lazier” exercises that can still have a great effect on keeping you healthy, building muscle, and even increasing your flexibility.

This is not a specific routine in that the exercises aren’t necessarily linked to one another. But for those lazy times when you just can’t get yourself into the usual exercises, these are five great things you can do without ever getting off the floor.

1. Push-Ups

We’ll go ahead and start with the basics – the exercise just about everyone knows how to do, and which most of us have incorporated into a daily routine at one point or another. You can literally do push-ups even if you’re lying on your back reading a book in the middle of your bedroom floor – just roll over and do 20 push-ups every two pages you read (or something along those lines). Called “the perfect primal exercise” in one detailed write-up, push-ups are widely considered to be some of the most thorough and effective strength exercises we can do, with or without equipment.

2. Bridges

There are actually different ways to do bridges – some more challenging than others. The simpler version involves lying on your back, palms down at your sides, with your knees bent up so that your heels are against your hips. You then raise your butt off the floor and try to straighten your body from shoulders to knees and hold for a time before lowering slowly back down.

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The more complicated version involves starting in a similar position, but with your hands pressed to the floor over your head (such that your elbow are up and your fingers are pointing behind you). You then press your body up off the ground, straightening your arms if possible. Both exercises can be very effective not only in strengthening relevant muscles but also in maximizing your flexibility in your back and legs. It’s a terrific recovery exercise.

3. Leg Raises

Leg raises are underrated in general, given that they can target your thighs, butt, abs, and core all at once and they don’t require that much exertion. In fact to emphasize the degree to which this can be done as you lounge about your home, leg raises even made it onto a recent blog post at a Canadian video games information site on exercises you can do while gaming. The post called the exercise as simple as extending one leg from the knee and holding it in a straight position for five seconds (or however long you’d like your rep to be) and that’s truly about it. Just lay on your side, raise the top leg up, hold, and repeat. It has a legitimate effect over time, and you can literally do it lying down.

4. Planks

Planks are right up there with push-ups in terms of being universally appreciated and easily done. In this case the exercise is best for working out your abs and your core, and it’s something you almost can’t do too much of. Even if you’re not in the middle of a full exercise routine, 30 seconds of planking whenever you can manage it is a great thing to do.

5. Superman

We aren’t the only ones talking about exercises you can do on the floor, so we went looking for a few extra ideas as well. One other piece on the same topic pointed to a particularly interesting exercise that seems in theory almost like a reverse plank of sorts. We’re talking about the superman, which targets the back and butt and is yet another exercise you can do just by rolling over if you’re lounging around on the floor for any reason. All you need to do is lie face down on the ground, spread your arms and legs out in front and behind you, and raise them simultaneously off the ground a few inches. You can hold this pose for five or 10 seconds (you know, like Superman in flight), lower your limbs, rest, and raise them again. It’s a surprisingly effective exercise from the moment you start.


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